mommy & daddy's first trip away

dear nara,

your dad and i went to aruba this past weekend and left you at home with nonni & pup. they were very excited to come down to nyc to take care of you. you cried quite a bit the first day they were here, but i think that's just because you knew i was around, and it was confusing for you to know that i was staying away from you. i think it was easier the following day when we left because you knew that your grandparents were going to be taking care of you. you're a smarty pants!
we got back last night and were so happy to see you. i couldn't wait to get back to have you in my arms.
this past weekend was the first time you had formula, and the plan was to have you take formula for every other feeding, but that didn't happen, so your bum is quite red. i hope it gets better. i don't know if it's a reaction to having so much formula out of nowhere or if you're having a reaction to the specific formula. i think i'm going to take a break from giving you formula for a couple days and then start it back up again slowly. we're going to california in a few weeks, so we have to get you used to formula while mom and dad are in cabo for flora's wedding.

bum bum kisses~