california trip update

dear 나라,

we got back from california 2 days ago, and you were absolutely wonderful. the plane ride there went so smoothly. luckily, they had an empty seat next to us, so we brought your carseat on so that you could sleep comfortably in it on the plane. you slept 2 hours on the plane, woke up and played for 2 hours, slept for another hour, and woke up just as the plane was descending. there was no were an absolute doll! when we landed, we went to 할머니 and 하라버지's house and ate and hung out. 할머니 got you this toy that's like a walker with all these lights that light up. you loved it! then your aunt doris and cousin kayson came over. we all hung out, and you stayed awake for a VERY long time. i tried to get you to go to sleep around 5pm--it had been about 6 hours that you were up for--but you weren't having it. eventually, you slept at around 6:30 but then woke up again around 10pm. it must have been tough adjusting to the change in time. i wasn't sure how your internal clock was taking it. you woke up around 6am and played a bit and then took a nap. you woke up just in time to say bye-bye to mommy & daddy. we were leaving to go to cabo for flora & duke's wedding. we called home often from mexico, and 할머니 said everything was great! she had you sleep in the bed with her. as much as i love that you were warm and cozy next to 할머니, i hoped that you wouldn't get too used to it because you were going to be back in your crib here in nyc. while we were in cabo, your parents went skydiving! it seems crazy, but we knew it would be safe. if we felt otherwise for even a moment, we wouldn't have jumped out of that plane. we love you too much! we were in cabo from friday to monday, and we got back to california on monday evening. our plane was half an hour delayed, but what made it worse was that there were two accidents on the freeway on the way home that kept us on the road longer. 할머니 called to say that you woke up and seemed very awake, so we were hoping to see you when we got home. we got home to find out that you were back asleep. i went into 할머니's room to see you sleeping in the dark, and my butt accidentally hit the light switch and you woke right up! it really wasn't intentional, maybe it was subconsciously. anyway, you were up and smiley, so i grabbed you and we went to say hi to daddy. shortly after, i put you back down in the pack & play. that night, we slept in 할머니's bed. 할머니, you and me. :) the next day, we flew back to nyc. fortunately, once again, it wasn't a full flight and we were able to get a seat for you for free. once again, you were so well-behaved on the flight. i hope that when we leave to california in december, it'll be the same! :D
thank you for being the best baby ever!!

i love you!