from crawling to sitting to pulling yourself up!

dear nara,

my oh my how you change so quickly!
we're leaving to california tomorrow, so i had to run some errands, and you were at home with joy joy when she sent me pictures of you sitting up in the crib and then STANDING in the crib! you were already sitting up on your own, but now you go from laying down to sitting. it's amazing! and the standing! we're going to have to drop the crib lower so that you can't fall out of it. i guess we're going to have to get to that when we get back from our trip. 할머니 and 하라버지 are going to be so happy to see you! and then you're going to meet your cousin kayson too! exciting stuff! packing's all done and now i can sleep for 3 hours before i wake you up, and we head to the airport for your very first plane ride! i know you'll be great! :D