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I love you. Thank you. I'm sorry. Happy New Year!

Dear Nara,

This past month has been a little crazy, but first. Happy New Year!

I'm sorry it's been so long since I've written in here. It's been over a year. Oy!
So much has happened. So much has changed that I'm overwhelmed by the desire to try to recap it all, but I really want to try, so let me start with present day and work backwards.

Today is/was the first day of 2013. I hope and pray that it will be wonderful for you and our family. Seeing you happy makes things wonderful for me. It really does.

california trip update

dear 나라,

from crawling to sitting to pulling yourself up!

dear nara,

my oh my how you change so quickly!

crawling baby!

dear nara,

you've begun crawling! you crawl like a worm, but i still consider it crawling.
yay!! (maybe i shouldn't be so excited since this means i have to keep my
eyes on you like a hawk!)

it's so exciting to see how you change day to day, all on your own.

i love you!


mommy & daddy's first trip away

dear nara,

your dad and i went to aruba this past weekend and left you at home with nonni & pup. they were very excited to come down to nyc to take care of you. you cried quite a bit the first day they were here, but i think that's just because you knew i was around, and it was confusing for you to know that i was staying away from you. i think it was easier the following day when we left because you knew that your grandparents were going to be taking care of you. you're a smarty pants!

avocadoes! yummy!

dear nara,

you had your first REAL solid today! avocadoes, yummy!
you loved it and made a little mess :D

i can't wait for you to eat more solids...mmmmm

love u!


mr. bear!

dear nara,

i was about to go to bed, and i looked at the baby monitor and noticed that your bear was right next to you. i asked daddy if he placed it beside you when he put you down, and he said he didn't. you grabbed the bear that was at the bottom left corner of the crib and brought him next to you. hehe. so cute.

sweet dreams my love.

mama bear

roll over!

Dear Nara,

your 1st solid - rice cereal

dear nara,

you had your first solid today...rice cereal!
i'm not sure if it counts as a solid because it was very watery. it was more like rice flavored water. hehe.
but we got video of you "eating" it. hooray!


teaching yourself

dear nara,

today you started to lift both legs up and grab them with your hands while you're lying down. you lose your balance most of the time and flip to the side. it's very cute :)

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