avocadoes! yummy!

dear nara,

you had your first REAL solid today! avocadoes, yummy!
you loved it and made a little mess :D

i can't wait for you to eat more solids...mmmmm

love u!


mr. bear!

dear nara,

i was about to go to bed, and i looked at the baby monitor and noticed that your bear was right next to you. i asked daddy if he placed it beside you when he put you down, and he said he didn't. you grabbed the bear that was at the bottom left corner of the crib and brought him next to you. hehe. so cute.

sweet dreams my love.

mama bear

roll over!

Dear Nara,

Today, you and i went to the mommy and me yoga class at the YMCA, and you COMPLETELY rolled from your back to your front. "Completely" is the keyword since you were able to mostly roll from your back to your front but your arm would get stuck and you'd get upset. Today, that was not the case. After you did it once, you just kept doing it over and over. It was awesome! Once we got home, you did the same thing but kind of stuck your butt in the air and moved your legs, so I thought you were getting ambitious and wanted to start crawling, so I put my thigh against your feet and you pushed against it and moved across the pink bedding thing. It was wonderful to see. You're growing so quickly, Nara.
I love you.


your 1st solid - rice cereal

dear nara,

you had your first solid today...rice cereal!
i'm not sure if it counts as a solid because it was very watery. it was more like rice flavored water. hehe.
but we got video of you "eating" it. hooray!


teaching yourself

dear nara,

today you started to lift both legs up and grab them with your hands while you're lying down. you lose your balance most of the time and flip to the side. it's very cute :)
at the same time, it seems like you've decided that you don't like tummy time very much. if i put you on your tummy, you'll stay up on your arms for about a minute (maybe less) and then pull your arms back and face plant on the ground and cry that you don't want to be in that position. i'll move your arms up, but you automatically pull them back and put your head down to the ground. guess is that as you learn something new, you're energy goes into that so you don't want to spend time doing that old thing that you used to do, but we need to perfect things before we move on. multi-tasking never works. hehe, i speak from experience. so hopefully you'll get back on your tummy and keep your head up.
each day, it seems like you're doing something new. i really should be logging it all so that you can read about it when you're older. i'll try to be better at it.
here are a few things that i don't think i wrote about:
- at 6 weeks, you started sleeping 8 hour nights....straight through. you currently sleep about 10-11 hours. every now and then you'll wake up in the middle of the night, but i usually get a feeling right before you go to bed that that'll happen.
- at your 1 month visit to the doctor, he told us to give you tummy time, so when we got home, we tried to do that. you immediately flipped over to your back. you did probably everyday for about 2 months until you finally decided that you were fine being on your tummy. of course, it looks like things have regressed a bit, but maybe not. :)
- about 2-3 weeks ago, you started holding your legs straight like you wanted to stand up when we held you. you still do that now. it seems like you prefer to stand over sitting.

i'll try to add in some more as i remember them.
i love you!